Diversity and Equity in Education Exchange (D&E EdX)

Welcome to the Diversity and Equity in Education Exchange (D&E EdX)!

Two basic premises are essential to engaging issues of diversity and equity: First, differences exist.  We are not “all the same” and it works to reinforce inequality when we do not recognize and respect the differences between us.
Second, inequality and discrimination exist—globally, including in Quebec and the rest of Canada. Given this reality, how can we work to recognize, critique and correct discrimination (colonialism, ablism, racism, classism, gender inequality, homophobia, etc) in our thinking, interactions and practices?

Acknowledging these premises and in the interest of (a) raising awareness of issues of diversity and equity in education, and (b) creating and promoting opportunities for anti-oppressive, critical exchange and cross-cultural competence among EGSS members (with the notion of ‘culture’ understood in its broadest sense), the D&E EdX was initiated by the VP Diversity and Equity of the EGSS in the fall of 2012.  The space is intended as an online learning community where students can share ideas, questions, concerns, as well as academic and popular resources related to issues of diversity and equity.


ALL students, (and especially EGSS members!) are invited to use this space to build a learning community around issues of equity, diversity and anti-oppression in education.   The D&E EdX is a space maintained by and for students committed to promoting equity, diversity and anti-oppression in education, where we can exchange references and links to a variety of resources, to ask questions, raise concerns and have conversations.

Let’s start building the exchange!

rosalind hampton, VP Diversity and Equity

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