McGill Guidelines for the academic accommodation of pregnant students and students caring for dependants

“McGill acknowledges the particular challenges facing pregnant students and students caring for a dependant.

McGill supports students in their desire to further their education while meeting their family obligations.

Wishing to provide an environment in which these students may be able to continue in the program of study and fulfill their university commitments when faced with exceptional circumstances related to particular family commitments,  these guidelines aim to  set out  how, and in what exceptional circumstances, a student may request academic accommodation.


A student is who is faced with a conflict between a responsibility in respect of pregnancy, or of care- giving responsibilities toward a dependant, and an academic obligation, may ask the University for academic accommodation in accordance with these guidelines.”

Full guidelines:

Note: The PGSS Family Care Caucus, which advocates on behalf of graduate students and post-docs who are pregnant, caring for a dependent child, or caring for an infirm or elderly relative:

Other University policies, procedures and guidelines that apply to students can be found at


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