What’s a Cellphilm?: Integrating Mobile Phone Technology into Participatory Arts Based Research and Activism

Book edited by Katie MacEntee, Joshua Schwab-Cartas and Casey Burkholder, McGill University

Deadline for Abstracts: April  1st, 2015

Deadline for Full Submissions: July 1st, 2015

This edited collection will address cellphilming as an emerging Participatory Arts-based research methodology. Cellphilms are videos made on a cellphone and considered by some as a promising–yet still emerging–research methodology. Cellphilms are easily disseminated from cellphone-to-cellphone, screened at community events, and/or uploaded onto various social media sites. Cellphilms democratize the participatory research process while raising new and questionable ethical concerns about the researcher-researched relationship, dissemination, and consent, among others (Mitchell, Moletsane, de Lange, 2014). 

This book aims to bring leading scholars and activists together in order to stimulate discussion and propel the theorizing and practice of cellphilming as a Participatory Arts-based method.

For submission guidelines, please click here: CALL FOR PAPERS.

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