Second call for nominations: EGSS elections

The first nomination period for EGSS elections is closed, and the second nomination period has begun. The following positions on the EGSS council remain open:
  • President
  • VP Communications
  • VP Finance
  • VP Student Life
  • FNIE representative
  • DISE representative
  • 3 AGSEM representatives (Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill) reps, 1 for each department
  • 2 PGSS counsellors (Post-graduate Students’ Society)

Please submit the completed form (see Nomination form 16-17) by email to The subject line should be as follows: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME- EGSS POSITION TITLE.

Deadline to submit the completed form for the first nomination period is April 15th, 4pm.

We recommend that you read our constitution before starting the nomination process. You can find the English version here and the French version here.

Below is the campaign information you need to know:

  • All campaigning shall be terminated on April 22nd 2016, the day prior to the first day of the voting period.
  • Posters size shall not exceed 28cm by 43cm and no more than 25 posters per candidate may be posted at one time.
  • The current EGSS Council has set campaign spending limit at $50 per candidate. Please submit your receipts to the EGSS Office in a clearly labeled envelope by April 22nd 2016.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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