It’s not too late to join EGSS!


The second round of nominations for the 2016-2017 bi-elections (for those positions with no nominees for the first round) begins today! The second round will take place from Friday Sept 23rd – Friday Sept 30th at 4pm. Following this round, voting will take place from 9 AM Oct 3rd – 5 PM Oct 7th. Click here to read about the nomination process.

We have several positions still available:


Attend EGSS and departmental meetings. At meetings, represent students in their departments and provide updates on departmental activities. Mobilize students to participate in the political life of EGSS.Work in collaboration with other Council members at other events. Promote EGSS events in their departments; Act as the delegate for departmental and programs.


EdUS representative

Attend Council meetings to report on important EdUS matters. Create open lines of communication between Council and EdUS.

SIS representative

Attend Council meetings to report on important MLISSA (McGill’s Library and Information Studies Student Association) matters.

3 AGSEM representatives (Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill) reps, 1 for each department.

Attend Council meetings to report on important AGSEM matters. Please note: this position is open to all TAs.

2 PGSS counsellors (Post-graduate Students’ Society)

Attend Council meetings and report on important PGSS matters. Please note that you do not have to be a member of the PGSS council.


For more details of each position, please click here to read our constitution.

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