Does your resume need a bit of a boost?

who cares-

Consider joining the 2017-2018 EGSS council. Not only is it a great way to develop your professional skills, it’s also your chance to contribute to the student life of your fellow Education graduates and make a difference in your program/department/faculty.

We need you on the EGSS council!

The following positions are available:

VP Academic
VP Finance
VP Communication
VP Student-Life
VP Diversity and Equity
Conference Chair
PGSS Councillors (x4)
Departmental and Program Representatives (ECP, KPE, DISE, MATL, FNIE)
Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill Delegates (x3)
To read about the different positions and responsibilities in our constitution, you can find the English and French versions here:
To read the nomination instructions and download the nomination form visit out website:
Please submit the completed form to

Election Timeline:
The first nomination period for the EGSS council will begin on March 16th, and end on March 30th, at 4:30pm.
The second nomination period (for positions with no nominations) opens March 31st, and closes April 4th at 4:30pm.
Elections are scheduled to take place from April 6th to April 10th.
Below is the campaign information you need to know:
All campaigning shall be terminated on April 5th, the day prior to the first day of the voting period.
Poster size shall not exceed 28cm by 43cm and no more than 25 posters per candidate may be posted at one time.
The current EGSS Council has set campaign spending limit at $50 per candidate. Please submit your receipts to the EGSS Office in a clearly labelled envelope by April 5th 2015.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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