Demonstration on January 17th regarding Bill 21

Dear students,
It has been brought to our attention that a strike is happening on January 17th 2020, noontime (12:00PM) in coalition with other faculties, departments, and UQAM. We would like to share this information with education graduate students who might be interested in getting more information/participating in this event. It will commence on McTavish street with speakers, right outside of Brown Building (top of the McTavish street, before the stairs), followed by marching towards the Ministry of Immigration (1200 St. Laurent), and joining up with other faculties and schools at Place Emilie-Gamelin.
In the name of solidarity with those affected by government policies, especially in the context of education, this is an invitation to a mass demonstration, a rallying point to jumpstart a movement to say NO to Bill 21, NO to Bill 9, and NO to anti-migrant reforms that are made without consultation with those affected.
The demands made through the strike are as following:
*That the CAQ repeal Bill 21 in its entirety
*That university administrations take a more hardline stance against Bill 21 and in support of their affected members.
Again, if you are interested in participating, there will be a strike on January 17th 2020, noontime (12:00PM) starting on McTavish street right outside of Brown Building (top of the McTavish street, before the stairs).
For more information, here is the link for the manifestation on the 17th in coalition with other faculties and schools:
We invite you to share this information with your networks.
Thank you very much for your time,
Education Graduate Student Society (EGSS) Student Council
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