The Result of Special General Assembly-Jan-25-2022

Student led strike: Education graduate students have voted to extend the strike from in-person classes through February 25! This action was taken in refusal of the unsafe teaching and learning conditions and opaque policies surrounding the return to in-person learning. 

At the Special GA on Jan 25, 71 out of 84 votes received were in support of the extension. The students who go on strike continue to attend any online options available, but they won’t attend in-person. They clarified the main demand of the strike! They demand that all instructors be allowed to determine whether they offer classes fully online or in-person for the rest of the term, and that all classes not offered fully online be offered in a fully hybrid manner.  Where in-person learning continues, provision of adequate PPE (N95 masks or similar) and HEPA filtration and/or ventilation monitoring, with clearly posted documentation on each classroom.

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