EGSS Conference_2022_ Awards:

Oral Presentation

Shannon Hutcheson & Addy Parsons 

Conceptualizing International Student Encounters with Sexual Violence through Systematic Content Analysis of Case Law

Rebecca Pearce

The Kids are Alright: Narrative Mathematics Identities of Children Born Extremely Premature

Sabi Hinkson

Working Towards Increasing the Representation of Blacks in STEM, One Equitable Classroom at a Time

Thais Cattani Perroni

Conservative Challenges to History Teaching in Brazil: The Connections Between the “Escola Sem Partido” Movement and the Programs for the Militarization of Public Schools

Poster Presentation

Farhin Chowdhury, Yasemin Erdogan, and Cynthia Di Francesco

#Stayingconnected: What Does it Mean for the Mental Health of Adolescents?​

Seonwoo Hong and Kennedy Critch 

Examining the Role of Teacher Support and School Climate in Adolescents’ Disclosure of Cyberbullying

The Fast5 Competition 

Jade St-Pierre ( 1)

Feasibility of Multimodal Rehabilitation to Enhance Functional Capacity of Esophageal Cancer Patients During Concurrent Neoadjuvant Chemotherapies

Nesma Etoubashi (2)

Conceptual Change Methods for Islamophobia and anti-Muslim Racism: A Scoping Review

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