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Azadeh Javaherpour, Co-President

I am doing my doctoral studies in Educational Studies at DISE. My current trajectory is inspired by my past experiences as a teacher educator, education manager, and graduate in Educational Leadership. In my study, I am looking at responsive teaching for developing students’ critical thinking. As a member of the McGill community, I have served as the VP Equity and Diversity for EGSS. Last year, I served as President of EGSS. These opportunities helped me become familiar with grad students’ views and concerns, besides understanding the importance of taking initiatives in facilitating students’ experiences. Right now, as Co-President of EGSS with the help of Emily Mannard (Co-president) and my team , I aim to present all grad students’ voices. I hopes we can facilitate an inclusive, helpful, and respectful educational environment. Feel free to contact me at

Emily Mannard, Co-President

Emily is a second-year PhD student in DISE and high school English Language Arts/Social Studies teacher. Her research explores adolescents’ literacies, pleasurable play, and collaborative socialization through digitized texts and technologies like videogames and live-streaming practices. The past three years have drawn her attention toward community-driven research focused on designing equitable, technology-based learning opportunities for socially marginalized youth. She has taken findings from this work to advocate for curricular reform centered upon adolescents’ everyday literacies, experiences with digital culture, and identities. As a member of the EGSS council, she aims to ensure all Education graduate students have access to the information, resources, support, and care they need to have a meaningful experience during their time at McGill.

Stephanie Beck, VP Academic

Bonjour tout le monde ! My name is Stephanie Beck, and I am a doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology (Learning Sciences). I am very excited about this opportunity to serve as your VP Academic. Just to say a few words about myself: In my research, I investigate the cultural, social and cognitive factors that influence productive group work in various educational and professional contexts. I have a passion for qualitative research and enjoy any opportunity I can get to speak my second language, le français !As VP Academic: . I will ensure that academic events continue providing an inclusive and supportive environment where your ideas and projects can grow.

· I will advocate for your academic concerns and act as liaison for academic resources.
·  I will actively promote, plan and execute academic events in collaboration with EGSS members and students.
 I can’t wait to meet you all at our upcoming events! À bientôt !

Welly Minyangadou, Co-VP Equity & Diversity

I am a recent graduate student from the MATL-TESL program within the DISE department. My current research projects surround the topic of culturally responsive pedagogy in Western education systems. In them, I inquire about how to best prepare -and support!- pre-service teachers and current educators on their journey to teach in multicultural classrooms in a safe, meaningful, and representative manner. Being a student-teacher of Color myself, I understand the urgency with which our student body needs support and access to resources on teaching and learning in the rich environments they are sent in.
I intend to pursue further projects within the same realm all throughout my PhD, here at McGill too. I’ll be here a while! In the meantime, the council and I work together to upkeep the safe space that has been offered for students here at McGill University. As a team, we work on contributing to the efforts currently undertaken to see to it that all constituents of our Faculty are seen, heard, and supported in each aspect of their professional and academic journey.

Aisha Barisé, Co-VP Equity & Diversity

Aisha Barise is a Ph.D. student in Educational Studies with a concentration in Language Acquisition at the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. In her Ph.D., she is interested in the implementation of plurilingual and anti-racist language pedagogy for Black learners in language education. Currently, she is a research assistant at the Plurilingual Lab under the supervision of Dr. Angelica Galante at McGill. She also holds a research assistant position at the Department of Linguistics at the University of Alberta (Dr. Martín Guardado). 

Aisha is excited to serve as Co-VP Equity and Diversity with her Co-VP Welly, their roles consist of but are not limited to: (1) Raising awareness of issues related to diversity and equity in education at campus and at the Faculty of Education. (2) Providing support to reduce, minimize, eschew conflicts of any types of discrimination. (3) Promoting a culture for equal opportunities for students and work for the creation of cultural competence for EGSS and the campus. (4) Representing the EGSS on all Faculty of Education committees that target equity issues, such as FEEDIC (Faculty of Education Equity, Diversity & Inclusion).

Ali Mahmoudi, VP Finance (Interim)

Robin Sharma, Co-VP Communications

Robin is a Ph.D. student in the Learning Science program in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. He is a part of the Technology, Learning and Cognition Lab supervised by Dr. Adam Dubé. He studies the design and curricular integration of video games for learning. More information about his work and projects can be found on his website

Shannon Roy, Co-VP Communications

Shannon Roy has over 13 years of experience as a professional educator, having taught a range of students from elementary to adult. In addition, as a photographer, creative writer, and painter, she has a keen interest and dedication to the arts and is passionate about advocacy for strong arts programs in schools. Shannon is in the first year of her Ph.D. in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University and is interested in how art-based research can be used as a catalyst to access educators’ and students’ stories to inform educational change. Shannon has begun working as a research assistant in the Participatory Cultures Lab and is helping to explore how cellphilms can communicate youth’s experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. Shannon is excited to be a part of the EGSS Council and looks forward to contributing to the team by ensuring smooth and clear communication with members.

Hannah Southwood, PGSS Councilor

Hannah Southwood is completing her master’s in the Second Language Education program in DISE. Prior to her studies at McGill, she studied psychology at the University of Windsor and primary education with a focus on international education at Queen’s University. Hannah worked as a primary school English language support teacher in Mexico and a grade leader in Germany for several years. She currently volunteers as the non-thesis representative on the DISE Graduate Program Committee supporting for student interests. Hannah also works closely with the co-hosts for the annual Language Policy and Planning (LPP) Conference.

Shannon Hutchison, Co-representative of DISE

Shannon Hutcheson is a doctoral candidate focusing on international education and international student experience (cultural transition/support services) in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. Prior to her studies at McGill, she was a university educator in Lyon, France, and worked with first generation university students and marginalized youth in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a research assistant with IMPACTS and The Arts Against Post-racialism. Shannon is happy to be serving a second year as DISE student co-rep with Chris Dietzel. Together, they act as liaisons between students, EGSS, the faculty, and sit on the DISE Graduate Program Committee advocating for student interests. They are excited to continue initiatives that build solidarity within DISE and EGSS. Thus far they have helped organize the first international student orientation, Global Social Hour, DISE social, welcome reception, focus groups, and writing group initiatives, with more to come!

Shikha Diwakar, Co-representative of DISE

Shikha Diwakar is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University, Canada. She is focusing on understanding the role and impact of Dalit women’s identities on their life experiences especially in higher education institutions in India. Her research interests include Dalit studies, Identity, and learning in higher education in India. She is also engaging with many qualitative methodological approaches like Action Research, Pragmatic Identity Analysis, and Narrative enquiry. Prior to her studies at McGill, she was doing MPhil at National Institute of Education Planning and Administration (NIEPA), New Delhi, India. At NIEPA, her research focuses on the experiences of first-generation university students and marginalized youth in higher education in India. She is also working as a production manager for a podcast which focuses on Action Research. This podcast is dedicated solely to action research and offers unique insights into the field by having engaging conversations with the research community.

Marianne Barker, Conference Co-Chair

Marianne Barker is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education studying the social integration of newcomers in Canada. Her research interests include Canadian immigration, language acquisition, and learner identity. She also works as a research assistant on a comparative study of French immersion education across Canada, and she is the managing editor for the Canadian Journal of Action Research. Marianne is excited to be serving as a co-chair (with Rudy Kisler) for the 2022 EGSS Conference, an event which showcases the diverse work and knowledge of students and that helps to promote a thriving learning community within the faculty of education.

Rudy Kisler, Conference Co-Chair

Rudy Kisler is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University. Rudy is interested in the intersection between history education and political ideology. His doctoral research explores how history is presented and taught in heritage contexts in Israel. Rudy has been teaching history in various schools in Canada and his home country, Israel. Through his research, he aspires to inform strategies for designing inclusive programs and policies for history and heritage education. Rudy is excited to be serving as a co-chair (with Marianne Barker) for the 2022 EGSS Conference.

Jen Hinkkala, VP Student Life

I am a second year PhD student at DISE, course lecturer, and self-help blogger. In my role as VP student life I aspire to help graduate students thrive through a variety of peer support events. My dissertation research explores the work, and well-being of self-employed educators in order to design training programs for pre service educators and support those currently working in the field.

Interested in joining EGSS? Please send an email to and apply for the available positions!

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