“I, Too, Am McGill”

Following the lead of I, Too, Am Harvard   and  I, Too, Am Oxford  McGill students of colour have launched I, Too, Am McGill, to denounce the “conscious and unconscious micro-aggression that often silences our voices, devalues our contributions, and questions our presence at this elite institution of higher learning.”


STUDY IN ACTION – MARCH 20-23, 2014 – A grassroots undergraduate and community research conference – Featuring contributions to social and environmental justice research by students, community organizers, and artists – Workshops, Panels and Art at Concordia, McGill and UQÀM – Free & welcome to all! Topics include: * Struggles of Self-Determination * Responses andContinue reading “STUDY IN ACTION – MARCH 20-23, 2014”

March 18: Settler Common Sense lecture by Mark Rifkin

How do varied administrative projects of settler colonialism and accompanying legal categories, geographies and subjectivities come to serve as the background for ordinary non-native perception? Conceptions of property and personhood that emerge out of ongoing histories of settler-Indigenous confrontation, negotiation and struggle help shape non-natives’ lived sensations, including the routine experience of place. In thisContinue reading “March 18: Settler Common Sense lecture by Mark Rifkin”