Mentoring Initiative

DISE will be piloting a new mentoring initiative starting January, 2017. If you are interested in either being a mentor or in being mentored, please contact us and we will do our best to connect you with another DISE graduate student. Contact Erin Reid at

DISE Equity & Diversity Committee

In October 2013 the DISE Equity and Diversity Committee was formed, to pursue issues of equity and diversity in the Dept. of Integrated Studies in Education. The committee has been tasked with the responsibility of exploring, and proposing concrete strategies for improving, what have been identified as issues of concern and importance to the department inContinue reading “DISE Equity & Diversity Committee”

Upcoming presentations by Education students

DISETalks! is a forum for all members of the DISE community to come together and share their work and pedagogy. ALL PRESENTATIONS ARE OPEN TO ANYBODY WHO IS INTERESTED IN ATTENDING and are held in room 233 of the Education Building, 3700 McTavish UPCOMING PRESENTATIONS: Wednesday February 12th, 2014 12pm- 1:30pm Alice Chan Does religious literacyContinue reading “Upcoming presentations by Education students”

Town Hall on McGill’s Restructuring Plan

Town Hall on McGill’s Restructuring Plan The McGill Administration is planning to restructure support staff in 14 departments. Join us for a larger conversation between stakeholders on the second week of the Winter semester. We hope to listen to staff, faculty and students in order to promote awareness and build solidarity in our efforts toContinue reading “Town Hall on McGill’s Restructuring Plan”