Graduate Education Student Strike – January 24-25th

EGSS is endorsing a student-led strike for graduate education students! On January 24-25, graduate education students are encouraged to participate in the strike by not attending in-person classes. The strike vote on this resolution from two students was announced on January 19th. To date, 168 students have voted, with 86.3% in support of the strike. On Tuesday, January 25thContinue reading “Graduate Education Student Strike – January 24-25th”

Writing Workshop: Intros & Lit Reviews

Sign up for this free workshop at the link below: In this 1-hour workshop, Dr. Hines will discuss the purpose of introductions and literature reviews (Why have introductions? What is a literature review?) followed by a presentation of the two typical models of intros/lit review organization. Students will have an opportunity to explore ways toContinue reading “Writing Workshop: Intros & Lit Reviews”

EGSS Workshop Series:

If you are a member of McGill Faculty of Education and you are interested in developing your skills in writing an abstract, EGSS is glad to welcome you to join its workshop-on January 14th-2022 Link to Register: 

Persevering Scholars

  The EGSS Persevering Scholars Award (need-based fellowship) offered by the Education Graduate Students’ Society of McGill (Sponsored by the Dean’s office) is open now! Eligibility:  All Grad Students from Faculty of Education are eligible (KPE, ECP, or DISE) Students are eligible to receive fellowships once per degree When all else is equal, priority will be given to studentsContinue reading “Persevering Scholars”