Previous Council 2020-2021

President: Azadeh Javaherpour
I am a doctoral student in Educational Studies. My current trajectory is inspired from my past experiences as a teacher, teacher educator, education manager, and a graduate in Educational Leadership from McGill. My areas of interest include teachers professional development, students’ critical thinking development, and fostering inclusive educational environments for all. In my doctoral study, I look at the recent financial education programs, the impact of neoliberalism on these programs , and teachers’ approaches in developing students’ critical thinking through financial education lessons. I have a collaborative approach towards an educational community. As a member of McGill community, I aim to represent all students of Faculty of Education and facilitate an inclusive, helpful, and respectful educational environment. Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions, questions, concerns or complaints:

Vice President Academic: Petryna Venuta

Petryna Venuta is a DISE doctoral candidate focusing on creative writing and critical thinking. She has taught English language and literature for over fifteen years at Ontario private schools, public secondary schools and colleges, as well as a cégep. The students she has taught, in groups from more than twenty-five countries, have made her determined to advocate for a student-centred approach. Should you have any questions or concerns, or just want to reach out, feel free to contact her: -subject line: VP Academic

Vice President Equity and Diversity: Nikasha Tangirala

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Nikasha Tangirala is a second-year Educational Studies PhD student at McGill University. She has received a B’Ed. from McGill University ( 2014) and earned her Masters’ degree from University College London in 2017. Nikasha Tangirala has conducted research alongside some of the U.K’s leading anti-racism charities and her current research revolves around anti-racism education and pedagogy. She is currently instructing an undergraduate course entitled ‘Equity and Education’. Nikasha Tangirala’s areas of research include, Race, Educational Sociology, Anti-racism education, and liberatory practises and pedagogy. If you would like to contact her, email: subject line: VP Equity/Diversity

Vice President Student Life: Enoch Leung

Enoch Leung is a doctoral candidate in the Human Development program within the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. His areas of interest include working with students with disabilities and the LGBTQ+ youth population. In relation to issues with diversity and equity, he looks at teacher attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions towards the recent implementation of sex education in Quebec. In addition, he has worked in various educational institutions at the level of high schools, CEGEPs, and universities in creating a safer space for students through working in a collaborative relationship to overcome their barriers and creating positive learning experiences. He is passionate about providing a space to voice the concerns of those marginalized communities who are unheard and oppressed. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or complaints.

Vice President Finance: Ali Mahmoudi Motlagh

Ali is a 3rd year Ph.D. student and a course lecturer in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. His research interests focus on Critical Thinking and Mathematical Reasoning education in primary schools. During his M.A, he has gained rich experiences in terms of social work through two years of volunteer work as the president of the ULAVAL Iranian Students Association (AIUL). Being familiar with essential financial management and accounting concepts, he would be happy to serve in EGSS and contribute to his community.

Vice President Communication: Open

Department of Integrated Studies of Education Co-Representative: Chris Dietzel

Christopher Dietzelis is a doctoral candidate at McGill University, studying rape culture in LGBTQ+ communities and on dating apps. Chris works as a research assistant on a grant titled IMPACTS: Collaborations to Address Sexual Violence on Campus. Chris earned a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership; his thesis examined the intersections of undergraduate student leadership development and global citizenship. Previously, Chris spent four years facilitating a student leadership development course at a university in Singapore, and taught English to medical students at a university in France. Chris is pursuing a career in universities to create meaningful educational experiences for students and to advocate for safe and healthy relationships, particularly for members of LGBTQ+ communities.

Department of Integrated Studies of Education Co-Representative: Shannon Hutcheson

Shannon Hutcheson is a doctoral candidate focusing on international education and international student experience (cultural transition/support services) in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. Prior to her studies at McGill, she was a university educator in Lyon, France, and worked with first generation university students and marginalized youth in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a research assistant with IMPACTS and The Arts Against Post-racialism. Shannon is happy to be serving a second year as DISE student co-rep with Chris Dietzel. Together, they act as liaisons between students, EGSS, the faculty, and sit on the DISE Graduate Program Committee advocating for student interests. They are excited to continue initiatives that build solidarity within DISE and EGSS. Thus far they have helped organize the first international student orientation, Global Social Hour, DISE social, welcome reception, focus groups, and writing group initiatives, with more to come!

Educational and Counselling Psychology Representative: Nadia Khalili

Nadia is a Ph.D. candidate focusing on theory of mind ( ToM) and spiritual/moral development within the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. In her previous study, she discussed if ToM is an inherently complex dynamic system or we understand it through the complex dynamic system theory. Nadia is interested in complex interdisciplinary subjects. She believes that spiritual- intellectual development could make this sick complex world a better place ( understanding equity develop through the understanding of the oneness of human beings). Her experiences in different leadership capacities such as a teacher educator and Human Development conference co-chair led her to serve as an ECP rep in EGSS. She would like to build a strong and healthy dynamic relation between ECP students, faculty members, and EGSS to develop well-being and learning among students.

Kinesiology and Physical Education Representative: Open

MATL Representative: Open

PGSS Councillor: Marta Cotrim

Marta Cotrim is a second year PhD candidate at DISE at McGill. Her doctoral research focuses on Drama/Theatre Education, re-thinking Teacher Training and Professional Development. Marta is trained as a professional actor and director and has taught Drama in Secondary for 15 years. She has lived in 9 different countries and just recently moved to Canada with there daughter. Originally from Brazil, Marta holds a MA in Dance Anthropology from the University of Surrey, UK, and has completed her BA in Theatre Studies at Paris 8 and Performance and Choreography at the Art School of Amsterdam.

Conference co-chair: Rebecca Pearce

Rebecca is a 4th year PhD Candidate in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education where she is exploring the narrative mathematics identities of preterm children. She is also a secondary science teacher at Villa Maria high school in Montreal, where she has taught for the past 14 years. If you have any questions and concern about 2021 EGSS conference, You can send her an email through:

Conference Co-Chair: Maria-Josée Bran Lopez

Maria-Josée Bran Lopez is a doctorate student in Mathematics Education within the Department of Integrated Studies of Education (DISE). Her research interests focus on teaching practices, mathematics, and students’ difficulties in mathematics. She has a mathematical background along with varied teaching experience, from elementary to post-secondary students. She is currently involved in two research projects, one with Prof. Marta Kobiela and another with Prof. Limin Jao.

Social Media Chair: OPEN

Interested in joining EGSS? Please send an email to and apply for the available positions!

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