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2017-2018 Council

Co-President: Emma Clark

dsc_1071-54Emma Clark is a First Year Doctoral Student in the School/Applied Child Psychology Program in the department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. Her research focuses on the role of attention in math abilities for students with a Neurodevelopmental Disorder. Specifically, whether math ability can be improved with attention-based intervention programs. Emma is a strong advocate for student interest, and ensuring that student voices are heard and that needs are met. Emma hopes to continue to strengthen the relationship between the three faculties through fun social events, as well as professional events that further academic discussion and promote interdepartmental professional networking. Should you have any questions or concerns for the council, or are interested in being involved with EGSS and our various events, please do not hesitate to contact her.

Co-President: Dylan Moran

zzz11zfall2016 3.jpgDylan is a second-year student in the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning program. He is particularly interested in community-based and service-based experiential learning as applied to teaching youth from underprivileged backgrounds. Should you have any questions, comments, or feedback you would like Dylan to address, do not hesitate to contact him.


Vice-President Academic: Gabrielle O’Hara 

pic.jpgGabrielle O’Hara is a second-year Masters student in the School and Applied Child Psychology Program in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. The focus of her current research is examining the relationship between social-anxiety and cooperative learning. As VP Academic, Gabrielle is committed to ensuring that all students in the Faculty of Education are getting the most out of their education at McGill. She hopes that through EGSS she can provide students with more opportunities for both research and professional development. Dot not hesitate to contact Gabrielle should you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

 Vice-President Diversity and Equity: Ravinder Kumar


Ravinder Kumar is second year PhD. student in the department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill. His areas of interest include teacher education, teacher beliefs and identity, and educational technology. Focusing on the issue of diversity and equity, he seeks to understand how prospective teachers’ beliefs can be geared to accommodating classroom diversity during teaching and learning enterprise. Ravinder wishes to voice the concerns of the unheard, oppressed, indigenous, and among others the marginalized groups of community for that matter. He believes in the organic engagement of the educational community members that may foster the welfare of all and with all. Please feel free to connect if you have any question, concern, and/or complaint.

Vice-President Student Life: Narjes Sara Hashemi

image001.pngNarjes Sara Hashemi is first-year student in the Master of Arts in Education and Society program. She is interested in the experiences of minority youth in schools in Canada. In particular her study looks at social inclusion of Muslim refugee youth in Vancouver. She is passionate about community involvement. She coordinates and plans social events for the members of EGSS.


Vice President Finance:
Andrea Velghe

Hi there! My name is Andre Velghe, and I’m VP Finance for EGSS. My role entails taking care of all financial matters (#spreadsheets), and giving back to our student body whenever possible. I aim to foster an open and transparent approach to finances.

I’m a first year Masters student in Education & Society with a Women & Gender Studies concentration. My focus is on teaching sexual health. It’s my fifth year here in the Faculty of Education of McGill, so if ever you have questions (or simply want to complain about that walk up the hill), please feel free!

Vice President Communication: Natalie Pepiot



Natalie Pepiot is first year student in the Education and Society program with a focus on gender studies.  She is interested in gender education in the primary classroom and how this can be developed through curriculum changes and extra-curricular programming.  She has previous experience working on a student society and hopes to bring these previous experiences to EGSS.

Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP) Representative:Margarita Miseros

margaritapMargarita is a second year Master’s student in the Educational Psychology program at McGill.  Her research as part of the Perceptual Neuroscience Lab for Autism and Development focuses on perceptual information processing in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  As the ECP representative, Margarita will ensure that students remain informed and she will work toward increasing EGSS involvement across all ECP programs.Should you have any questions, comments, or feedback you would like Margarita to address, do not hesitate to contact her

 Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE) Representative: Aiden Hallihan


Aiden Hallihan is a second year Master’s student in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education at McGill. His research focus is on ice hockey biomechanics; specifically, analyzing skating motions of male and female ice hockey players and investigating ways to improve performance while also reducing the risk of knee and hip injuries. As KPE Representative, Aiden aspires to maintain a strong representation of KPE at EGSS activities and events while keeping KPE informed of the decisions occurring at the Faculty level. Dot not hesitate to contact Aiden should you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Department of Integrated Studies of Education Co-Representative: Chris Dietzel

chris_dietzel.jpgChristopher Dietzel is is a doctoral student at McGill University, studying rape culture in LGBTQ+ communities and on dating apps. Chris works as a research assistant on a grant titled IMPACTS: Collaborations to Address Sexual Violence on Campus. Chris recently earned a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership; his thesis examined the intersections of undergraduate student leadership development and global citizenship. Previously, Chris spent four years facilitating a student leadership development course at a university in Singapore, and taught English to medical students at a university in France. Chris is pursuing a career in universities to create meaningful educational experiences for students and to advocate for safe and healthy relationships, particularly for members of LGBTQ+ communities.

Department of Integrated Studies of Education Co-Representative: Shannon Hutcheson

Screen shot 2017-12-04 at 8.15.39 PM.pngShannon Hutcheson is a second year doctoral student in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. Prior to her studies at McGill, she was a university educator in Lyon, France, and worked with first generation university students and marginalized youth in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

At McGill, she is currently involved in initiatives to improve the experiences of international students in higher education. Shannon is happy to be on EGSS serving as DISE student co-rep with Chris Dietzel. They act as liaisons between students, EGSS, the faculty, and sit on the DISE Graduate Program Committee advocating for student interests. They are actively working on creating new initiatives within DISE with the intent of building more community, and solidarity within DISE and EGSS. Thus far we have helped organize the first international student orientation, DISE social, welcome reception, and writing group initiatives with more to come!

PGSS Counsellor: Kristen Sha

Kristen Sha is a second year in the Human Development program at McGill. Her research looks at reading interventions for elementary school age children. Specifically, her master’s thesis examines the relative effectiveness of two delivery formats (computer vs. paper and pencil) of a reading program, ABRACADABRA, on the reading and spelling skills, reading motivation, reading-self-esteem and reading enjoyment of grade 1 and grade 2 students enrolled in English language schools in Montreal. As a PGSS counsellor, Kristen hopes to be one of the points of contact and exchange between EGSS and PGSS, developing and strengthening the ties between education graduate students’ and the wider graduate student community at McGill. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Kristen

PGSS Counsellor: Vanessa Gold

IMG_6030.jpgHi there! My name is Vanessa Gold. I’m in my first year of an MA in the Educational Leadership non-thesis (project) stream in DISE. I joined EGSS because I have always been interested in the process of student governance at McGill. As a student of Educational Leadership, the opportunity to be part of EGSS offers an avenue to understanding what I’m learning about in a relevant context that impacts my life as a student. My position on EGSS is serving as one of four PGSS councillors. My job is to represent the Faculty of Education at PGSS meetings and report important information back to EGSS. Although I just started and am still learning, please feel free to approach me with questions/concerns related to EGSS and I’ll do my best to get the information you need.


 PGSS Counsellor: Helal Dhali 

Picture1.pngHELAL HOSSAIN DHALI is a first year Ph.D. student at the Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE), McGill University, Canada. His area of research is on Women, Education, Extremism and Identity construction. Mr. Dhali is also working as GRA at DISE at McGill in Canada in two projects– 1. Countering Violent Extremism through Education in Multicultural Canada and 2. Educational Trajectories of Radicalized Females in Montreal. He has been also working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Women and Gender Studies of the University Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mr. Dhali has achieved an MA degree in Development Studies with major in Women, Gender, Development and minor in Environment and Development from the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2009.  He has carried out a number of researches and Impact Assessments on Environment, Forest management, State Policies, Health, Gender, Safe City, Education, Religion poverty etc. in Bangladesh for D.NET, BRAC, ODI, USAID, WHO, ACTION AID, PLAN INTERNATIONAL, SWISSCONTACT, ALDI and Government of Bangladesh. He also initiated a University based campaign on Clean, Safe and Women Friendly Environment for Sustainable Development.

PGSS Counsellor: Samantha Sullivan 

Sam Sullivan Pic.jpg

Sam is a second year MA student in the SACP program. She is a member of the Social Policy, Advocacy, Research, Community (SPARC) lab, and her research focuses on gender variant and trans youth. Originally from the sun drenched shores of Newfoundland, she has been studying and performing in Montreal for several years. Sam is dedicated to bringing students together and creating networks within McGill and the greater community.

PGSS Conference Chair: Hadas Dahary

websitePicture.jpgHadas is a master’s student in the School/Applied Child Psychology Program within the department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. Her research interests lie in examining the influence of music education on social integration and emotion recognition of children and adolescents with ASD. As this year’s Conference Chair, Hadas wishes to oversee and coordinate a two-day event that will offer students within the Faculty of Education the opportunity to disseminate research as well as attend workshops that will enhance their research training experience.

Secretary: Janet Amos



Janet Amos is a first year Doctoral student in the School/Applied Child Psychology program within the department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. Her research is currently focused on the evaluation of early intervention services for children with autism.


Vacant Positions

  • FNIE Representative
  • EdUS Representative
  • MATL Rep
  • AGSEM Representative: DISE
  • AGSEM Representative: KPE
  • AGSEM Representative: ECP

Interested in joining EGSS? Check back in Spring for information on elections for the 2018-2019 school year!


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