As a DISE member you have a DISE representative who aims to promote the principle and practice of graduate student representation at all levels of decision making at McGill University and on all agencies or other bodies which deliberate on the affairs of graduate students.

Our goals are to: Mobilize students to participate in the political life of EGSS;
Attend and represent your voice at departmental meetings or programs at EGSS meetings; Work in collaboration with other Council members at other events; Promote EGSS events within our department; and act as the delegate to access a portion of student funds for DISE students.

Hello everyone, my name is Christine and I’m your DISE rep. If you have any comments, concerns or questions you would like me to raise during the department meeting or EGSS Council meetings, please feel free to fill the form. Everything will be kept anonymous so there is no limit to what you can share!

If you have any concerns please reach out via
DISE Department/EGSS Meetings Form

DISE information meetings

DISE information meetings are open to all members of the DISE community. During these meetings, department business is shared including reports from committees and discussions about important topics.

WednesdaySeptember 7, 20221:30-2:30pm
TuesdayOctober 4, 20229:30-10:30am
ThursdayNovember 10, 20221:00-2:00pm
WednesdayDecember 7, 20229:30-10:30am
TuesdayJanuary 10, 20231:30-2:30pm
ThursdayFebruary 9, 20239:30-10:30am
WednesdayMarch 8, 20231:30-2:30pm
TuesdayApril 4, 20239:30-10:30am
ThursdayMay 4, 20231:30-2:30pm


Monthly Information Meetings

https://mcgill.zoom.us/j/87436411416?pwd=lopeo5u9k7isDUCea5w8Uk0r261dmw.1 Meeting ID: 874 3641 1416

Passcode: 942541

Please note: Only DISE faculty members can bring forward a motion or question and only DISE faculty members can vote on a motion or question.

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