About the annual EGSS Conference:

The aim of the EGSS Conference is to foster a supportive and collaborative space for students and faculty to engage in dialogue, discussion, knowledge sharing from a wide range of worldviews.

Our goals are:
(1) To promote knowledge and research across a wide range of educational perspectives, including social, cognitive, political, philosophical, psychological, and physical health.
(2) To create opportunities for graduate students to share their ideas, and to hone their academic skills.
(3) To support the well-being of students in the faculty of education by fostering collaboration among social, academic, and professional networks.

To achieve these goals, graduate students will have opportunities to present their research and ideas in a variety of formats, and to receive feedback from the faculty of education community. The conference will create informal and social spaces for our community to engage in discussions spanning a wide range of perspectives, contexts, and topics. Invited keynote speakers and panelists will also inspire and provoke us by sharing their experiences facing changes and challenges in the field of education. Additionally, workshops targeting will be offered by EGSS surrounding before and after the conference to help students with academic and presentation skills. 

Furthermore, the EGSS conference will host social events and spaces where graduate students and faculty will have opportunities to discuss the conference theme in informal settings, and where they can share experiences of triumphs and trials over the last year. We aim to create a safe, inclusive, and welcoming event where all students feel comfortable participating, and where diversity can be discussed and celebrated. By developing collaboration across social, academic, and professional networks, we will support the well-being of students in the faculty of education.

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