Fellowships 2020-2021 Edition


  • All Faculty of Education graduate students are eligible (KPE, ECP, or DISE)
  • Students are eligible to receive fellowships once per degree
  • When all else is equal, priority will be given to students who do not currently hold other research fellowships

Application Timeline :
 April 2nd-20th, 2021 midnight


  • $750.00 Merit-based Award (Four Master’s Level Awards, Four Doctoral Level Awards). The purpose of this award is to recognize a student who is making distinctive contributions to the field of Education and/ or to communities within or outside of the university. Award recipients will be selected on the basis of commitment and achievement within their field (40%; e.g. publications, presentations and previous accolades and awards), leadership initiative (40%; e.g. on-campus and off-campus involvement, volunteer and paid positions, community outreach), and the unique potential and/ or contributions of their research (20%); as presented in their personal statement (maximum three pages) and curriculum vitae.
  • $1000.00 Needs-based award (Three Master’s Level Awards, Three Doctoral Level Awards). The EGSS recognizes that our members are differently positioned in relation to financial demands and resources, and that not all members have equal access to funding opportunities. For this reason, we welcome applications from members who are in particular need of financial support. If you would like to be considered for this award, please indicate in your personal statement how this award will support you in continuing your work. All applicants who apply for, but do not receive the needs-based award, will be considered for a Master’s level Merit-based award. As such, applicants must submit a personal statement (maximum 3 pages-double spaced) and a CV. Please include any anticipated funding for the upcoming academic year in your CV. Those in financial need will be given primary consideration.
  • Application: To apply, please send the following material to egss@mail.mcgill.ca using the following subject line: (LAST NAME) 2020-2021 FELLOWSHIP APPLICATION. Late applications will not be considered.   
  • Academic CV
  • Personal statement (max 3pages-double spaced)

Any supplementary documents provided will not be considered in the deliberation process.

For questions regarding the awards, please email egss@mail.mcgill.ca, attention Fellowship 2020-2021.

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