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2019-2020 Council

Co-President: Vanessa Gold


Vanessa, B.Ed. ’13, worked as a Native English Teacher (NET)in Hong Kong for four years before returning to McGill for an MA in Educational Leadership. Now, entering the first year of her Doctor of Philosophy in DISE, she will continue to explore her research interests in educational change, teacher education, design thinking, and action research. Vanessa has served as a student representative on the Education Graduate Students’ Society (EGSS) for the past two years and will continue her service this year as Co-President. As Co-President, she is eager to represent student needs.

Co-President: Enoch Leung

Enoch Leung is a doctoral student in the Human Development program within the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. His areas of interest include working with students with disabilities and the LGBTQ+ youth population. In relation to issues with diversity and equity, he looks at teacher attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions towards the recent implementation of sex education in Quebec. In addition, he has worked in various educational institutions at the level of high schools, CEGEPs, and universities in creating a safer space for students through working in a collaborative relationship to overcome their barriers and creating positive learning experiences. He is passionate about providing a space to voice the concerns of those marginalized communities who are unheard and oppressed. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or complaints.

Co-Vice President Academic: Ellen MacCannell

Ellen MacCannell is a doctoral student in Educational Studies at McGill University. After graduating with a B.Ed in Secondary English she went on to teach internationally in Dubai and Hong Kong. During her years teaching she became increasingly interested in systems change and educational reform. Ellen works as a research assistant exploring the NEXTschools initiative spearheaded by LEARN and her research looks at the intersections between educational reform, student engagement and teacher education.

Co-Vice President Academic: Mithura Sanmugalingam


Mithura Sanmugalingam is a Masters student in the Educational Leadership program within the Department of Integrated Studies of Education (DISE). She enjoys getting involved on campus and working with outreach organizations. Her involvement on campus includes guiding a team of McGill Students to provide workshops on Leadership topics within the McGill community. During her first years of undergrad, as a Student Life Ambassador, she helped cegep students transition into McGill. Mithura has taken on executive roles in the past, supporting organizations that promote student empowerment such as ME to WE McGill. Outside of campus she has been volunteering with Let’s Talk Science where she spreads her passion for science through leading experiments at various schools across Canada. Her research interests revolve around student leadership, teaching leadership and team facilitation. Mithura is highly motivated to serve students of the Education Faculty as a resource and hopes to get involved and play an active role within the faculty of Education.

Vice President Diversity and Equity: Azadeh Javaherpour


Azadeh is a doctoral student in Educational Studies within the Department of Integrated Studies of Education (DISE). Her current trajectory is inspired from her past experiences as a teacher, teacher educator, education manager, research assistant, and a graduate in Educational Leadership from DISE. Her areas of interest include developing teachers’ effectiveness and curriculum design, and fostering equitable and inclusive educational environments for all. In relation to issues with equity, she looks at the recent financial literacy programs in Canada, and the effectiveness of teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge in developing students’ learning form any background. She has a collaborative approach towards an educational community. As a member of McGill community, she aims to facilitate an inclusive, equitable and respectful educational environment. Furthermore, she intends to raise awareness about the issues of marginalized communities and those who are considered as minorities. Please feel free to contact her if you have any suggestions, questions, concerns or complaints:; Subject Line: VP Diversity and Equity

Vice President Communication: So Yeon Lee

So Yeon is a first-year doctoral student in the Learning Sciences Program within the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. She is also a member of Achievement Motivation and Emotion (AME) lab under the supervision of Dr. Nathan Hall, and her research focuses on enhancing persistence in STEM areas with a specific focus on values, motivational strategies, and social-environmental influences in post-secondary education settings. So Yeon is dedicated to communicate and share information with students within the Faculty of Education. Please feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns!

Co-Vice President Student Life: Frédérick Farmer


Frédérick Farmer is beginning his MA Ed Leadership thesis this fall. He has previously earned a B.A with specialization in pure and applied mathematics from Concordia University and a B.Ed in Secondary Mathematics here at McGill. He was the VP Internal for EdUS for the last two years of his undergraduate degree so this felt like a natural continuation of his student life involvement. He wants to focus on creating inclusive events that foster to the needs and desire of the graduate students body while embracing its diversity.

Co-Vice President Student Life: Haeun Kim


Haeun Kim is in Education and Society M.A Thesis program at DISE. As a 2nd year Master’s student, she could see what is needed as an important social (or emotional) support for the graduate students at the Education Faculty. Especially as an international student, she experienced how valuable quality social programs are for international students to help their adjustment to a new environment. Both Incoming and current graduate students must be able to feel they belong to the Education Faculty at McGill and think about themselves as an important part of the faculty.

Vice President Finance: Kelsey Losenno

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Kelsey is a second-year doctoral student in the Learning Sciences program in the Department of Education and Counselling Psychology. She studies how young learners use different emotion regulation and learning strategies during mathematics learning, to inform instructional design and support student outcomes. Kelsey has extended this line of research from the time she was in her undergraduate at Western University. During her time there, she served as the event coordinator for a large on-campus group, as well as participated as an orientation volunteer. Since attending McGill, Kelsey has taken on the role of the VP Internal for the EGSS Conference in 2019. She hopes that by continuing to work with EGGS that she will help promote a fun and inclusive student community while learning new skills.

Department of Integrated Studies of Education Co-Representative: Chris Dietzel

Christopher Dietzelis is a doctoral student at McGill University, studying rape culture in LGBTQ+ communities and on dating apps. Chris works as a research assistant on a grant titled IMPACTS: Collaborations to Address Sexual Violence on Campus. Chris recently earned a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership; his thesis examined the intersections of undergraduate student leadership development and global citizenship. Previously, Chris spent four years facilitating a student leadership development course at a university in Singapore, and taught English to medical students at a university in France. Chris is pursuing a career in universities to create meaningful educational experiences for students and to advocate for safe and healthy relationships, particularly for members of LGBTQ+ communities.

Department of Integrated Studies of Education Co-Representative: Shannon Hutcheson

Shannon Hutcheson is a third-year doctoral student focusing on international education and international student experience (cultural transition/support services) in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. Prior to her studies at McGill, she was a university educator in Lyon, France, and worked with first generation university students and marginalized youth in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a research assistant with IMPACTS and The Arts Against Postracialism.

Shannon is happy to be serving a second year as DISE student co-rep with Chris Dietzel. Together, they act as liaisons between students, EGSS, the faculty, and sit on the DISE Graduate Program Committee advocating for student interests. They are excited to continue initiatives that build solidarity within DISE and EGSS. Thus far they have helped organize the first international student orientation, Global Social Hour, DISE social, welcome reception, focus groups, and writing group initiatives, with more to come!

Kinesiology and Physical Education Representative: Melissa Daoust

37896576_972044869635199_306138869357608960_oMelissa Daoust is a second year Master’s student in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education. Her research focuses on teachers’ experiences working in a land-based education program nurtured in an Indigenous community. In addition to her research, Melissa is passionate about physical activity and movement. She plays soccer, ultimate frisbee, and lifts heavy weights at her CrossFit gym. As the Kinesiology and Physical Education representative, she is excited to work with the Education Graduate Students’ Society to enrich graduate students’ experiences at the Faculty of Education.

Educational and Counselling Psychology Co-Representative: Gulsah Kacmaz

EGSS Photo

Gulsah Kacmaz is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Learning Sciences program. Her research focuses on the roles of teachers in facilitating game-based “math” learning. Gulsah is passionate about in serving as a representative of the ECP program by organizing and promoting several events among students, informing and updating the students about departmental activities, increasing participation towards EGSS involvement as well as acting liaison between faculty, EGSS, and students. Gulsah considered herself a responsible and careful person and she will dedicate her time and energy to foster a supportive, diverse and inclusive environment between students, department, and EGSS.

Educational and Counselling Psychology Co-Representative: Jessica Lai


Jessica Lai is a second year M.Ed. student in the ECP general educational psychology program. She works as a research assistant at the McGill Youth Study Team (MYST) and her area of research interest concerns the development and understanding of attentional processes among individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jessica is very excited to be a part of EGSS, and as the ECP rep, she aims to take on a more active role in creating positive changes to student life in the Faulty of Education. Please do not hesitate to reach out or ask questions!

PGSS Counsellors: Chiung-Fang Chang & Summer Xia & Melissa Daoust

Chiung-Fang Chang is a doctoral student in her third year of study within the Learning Sciences program under the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. With her previous studying experiences in Taiwan and Germany, she continues her interests at McGill to examine the role of teacher motivation. Especially how teachers’ social motivation relates to building positive teacher-student relationships, cultivating social-emotional competencies, and optimizing teacher adjustment. As a member of ECP and as a PGSS representative, she wishes to promote better cohesion and social support at the individual, departmental, and institutional levels. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in facilitating in-depth conversations among our student fellows and understanding teacher caring and professional training.


Summer is a second-year Master student in Educational psychology.  As a PGSS councillor, her biggest responsibility is to go to monthly council meetings to represent EGSS. She serves as a liaison between the two councils, reporting pertinent information back to EGSS. EGSS has 4 voting Council members. A councillor’s primary role is to represent the interests of their constituents (aka Faculty of Education graduate students) and to vote on the various items that are brought to Council.

Co-Conference Chairs: Maria-Josée Bran Lopez

MJBL - web

Maria-Josée Bran Lopez is a doctorate student in Mathematics Education within the Department of Integrated Studies of Education (DISE). Her research interests focus on teaching practices, mathematics, and students’ difficulties in mathematics. She has a mathematical background along with varied teaching experience, from elementary to post-secondary students. She is currently involved in two research projects, one with Prof. Marta Kobiela and another with Prof. Limin Jao.

Co-Conference Chairs: Rebecca Pearce

Rebecca head shot

Rebecca is a doctoral student in Science and Mathematics Education Research Group (SMERG) within the Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE). Her research interests lie in the educational experiences of children who were born very or extremely preterm, particularly in the area of elementary mathematics. She is currently involved in the Parent’s Voice project, funded through the CHILD-BRIGHT Network, that aims to examine and redefine the measured outcomes of preterm birth from a parental perspective. She has also been a secondary science teacher at Villa Maria High School in Montreal for the past 13 years where she is currently the science department head and profile leader for the Health Sciences profile. She is looking forward to working with Maria to organize an excellent 2020 EGSS conference.

Social Media Chair: OPEN

Interested in joining EGSS? Check back in Spring for information on elections for the 2019-2020 school year!



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